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Friday, March 19, 2010

Quirky Quasars II

The Arp heresy is the hypothesis of intrinsic redshift for quasars, which are believed to be ejected from galaxies. An alternative, using a simple redshift-distance relation, is to drop the assumption that classical geometry holds for the triangle shown. That is, we assume that the galaxy (at low $z$) is fairly close to us and that the quasar (at high $z$) is very far away. But we do not assume that the distance between the galaxy and the quasar is determined by the pink curve. In fact, the observed filaments connecting quasars and galaxies suggest that the two objects are close together. From the perspective of Earth, it looks like the filament matter travels through cosmic time. If quasars are busy creating galaxies in the early universe, perhaps they are also creating their futures!


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