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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Women in Science

This post is dedicated to Zuska and Female Science Professor, whose posts I often enjoy.

I regularly hear it rumoured, amongst colleagues, that I am no good at taking advice*. Occasionally some helpful individual will take it upon himself to tell me this gently, as if breaking some difficult news to a small child. Perhaps they should ask my mother when I stopped taking advice, because it was before I can remember, and yes, believe it or not, I did actually notice. Gee, do you think maybe that has something to do with me being the only female physicist around here?

Of course, in reality, one tries hard to be appreciative of any genuine attempt at assistance, rare as it is. At least, one tries for five minutes or so, before remembering that you really did earn their respect (something like, oh, 20 years ago) only they don't seem to have noticed yet. I'm feeling good today, because I have some new shoes to puke on.

*This means advice, as opposed to helpful tips, which may of course be welcome.


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