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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strings 09

The Strings 09 slides are now online. Get your fix of Arkani-Hamed twistors here! The Grassmanians and Schubert maths starts on slide 42, which contains an example that has the answer 42!


Blogger Matti Pitk√§nen said...

I looked at the slides. I admire non-specialists able to get out something from this kind of representations. I think that most of the content is in comprehensible form in the article of Nima et al.

I understand that the dream is to replace AdS with Minkowski space in AdS/CFT correspondence. N=4 SUSY would be the conformal QFT. In the spirit of decades old tradition, these people start from mathematics instead of physics.

Maybe the idea about the replacement M^4 as AdS^5 boundary with lightcone boundary as boundary of future lightcone of M^4 emerges sooner or later since light-cone boundary is very twistorial notion. This will undoubtly lead to a (re)discovery that super-conformal symmetries generalize immensely at light-cone boundary having metric dimension 2. The discovery (without "re-") that 4-D Minkowski space as something completely unique will generate a flood of popular articles and books.

I have however more or less given up the hope that the idea about replacement strings with light-like 3-surfaces in H=M^4xCP_2 (local variant of lightcone and also a twistorial notion) could be (re)discovered during this century. After this it should be easy to realize that also light-like 3-surfaces possess huge super-conformal symmetries, and some day someone will realize that Equivalence Principle is coded by the analog of coset construction for these conformal symmetries. 4-dimensionality of space-time finally understood!: this will be certainly one of the titles of popular articles.

At year 21xx we will have holography in our physical 4-D space-time regarded as a sub-manifold of M^4xCP_2 suitably generalized. There is no need for all this extra stuff which paralyzed the theoretical physics for a century (dynamical imbedding space, spontaneous compactification, Calabi-Yau manifolds, all kinds of brane constructions, and a hierarchy of increasingly baroque theories (superstrings, M-, F-, trilobite- , etc...).

And also condensed matter physicists will be happy. The theory of high T_c super-conductivity would not need 10-dimensional Reissner-Nordstrom blackholes in AdS_4xS^6 as an extra stuff to be explained away!

Well, just daydreaming....

July 11, 2009 5:23 PM  

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