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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

M Theory Lesson 36

In the paper From Dominoes to Hexagons, D. Thurston proves a nice little theorem. That is, consider a disc with $2n$ endpoints marked on the boundary, such as we see in planar operad diagrams. Then all $n!$ pairings of points marked either in (-) or out (+) are described by a loop free diagram of triple points, which are 6-valent intersections of three strands. Take a look at Thurston's pictures of planar tilings made from diamonds.

Thurston was looking at how planar algebras require more generators than the Temperley-Lieb algebra, which they contain.


Blogger Doug said...

Hi Kea,
Ribbons and braids may be more powerful when non-planar or at least 3D.

The Protein Data Bank [PDB] has several examples available, including a molecule of the month. Various molecules are assigned a 4_alphanumeric code and viewable at different sites with different resolutions.

Mt favorite is Jmol which often uses NMR data. An example:

April 13, 2007 12:25 PM  

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