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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Neutrino08 Day 2b

Zukanovitch-Funchal gave an overview of mixings and masses, starting with a 1978 quote from Froggart and Nielsen which refers to neutrino oscillations as exotic. Two mass hierarchies are possible with current results, that is the mass of $\nu_{2}$ is closer to only one of the other 2 masses. Although 2-generation analyses worked well, a 3-generation analysis has been carried out since 2001 (see for instance Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 57(2006)742). Parameters have been approaching the tribimaximal mixing values. It is exciting that parameter determinations are weakly correlated and we are entering a precision era! Cosmological bounds were briefly mentioned: a combination analysis sets $\Sigma m < 0.19 eV$.

V. Datar described the status of INO, in particular the proposal for detectors (iron) at Pushep, which has a baseline of about 7000km from CERN. See hep-ph 0805.3474. If 1 megaton per year is achieved, then the hierarchy type may be determined. A prototype will be put together in Kolkata in about one month's time. Minakata's talk focussed on long baseline proposals, and he began with a nice picture of Darth Vader to represent our life in the Dark Ages. But if it turns out that $\theta_{13}$ is 'large' then the Dark Ages might end before Neutrino2010!

Sigh. Only half way through Day 2 and already I feel like I'm living on a planet of neutrino physicists, with more detector cities than I can name! Must get coffee and beer ...


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