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Friday, May 30, 2008

Neutrino08 Day 5d

Senjanovic suggested there was a moderately optimistic hope of new dynamics at the LHC. The most promising channel is considered to be same sign dileptons plus jets. Budge quickly outlined standard models of supernovae, from 1938 to the present. He then discussed numerical techniques and the possible need for a tooth fairy since transport methods have difficulty producing an explosion. But John Learned, the star commenter of the conference, pointed out that 3d simulations might well be necessary here, especially given the established correlation with GRBs.

One expects a release of roughly 120 foe in the initial collapse, followed by 240 foe during the cooling phase. However, supernova 1987A released 1.7 foe visibly, which is consistent with an antineutrino energy of only 100 foe.

Dighe spoke about the potential of another big supernova observation. A day before the explosion, in the neutronization phase, there is $\nu$ emission for about 10 ms. In the cooling phase $\nu$ emission lasts about 10 seconds. The Early Warning system will hopefully help us catch all we can if one goes off. The important thing to note is that $\nu$, $\overline{\nu}$ fluxes at Earth should separate (i) hierarchy type (which is normal from Carl's mass values) and (ii) large/small $\theta_{13}$ (TBM says zero, ie. small). See this paper.


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