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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Neutrino08 Day 5g

Perhaps you were thinking we had reached the end of the neutrino experiment catalogue? Hah, hah! The organisers saved the biggest experiments for last. Moving on to deep water and Antarctic ice high energy detectors, T. DeYoung presented results from 7 years of AMANDA, which was fully deployed in 2000.

The 7 year data set amounts to 3.8 years of total live time for 667 optical modules on 19 strings reaching down to 2500m below the surface. The point source search considered 6595 events and a preliminary skymap was shown. Taking into account that 95 out of 100 background maps have point sources with $> 3.38 \sigma$, they conclude that there are no clear observations, but upward fluctuations include MGRO J2019+37 and Geminga. For the solar WIMP search, a preliminary limit on 4 years of data beats the SuperK bound for higher neutralino masses. The IceCube experiment should yield a significant improvement in the 30-100 GeV range. A 7 year analysis paper is due out soon, and AMANDA is being fully incorporated into the IceCube experiment.

The ANTARES ocean detector was completed only 12 hours before Carr's report on it. Analysis is progressing on 400 $\nu$ events. Finally, Migneco covered Baikal, Nestor and KM3NeT.


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